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Welcome to the Lamer Gamers March News Round-Up! This episode is part of the service we provide for the people who don’t have the time to keep up with all the news and the twitters. We are going to break down the top news from the month for each console and a sort mixture of multiplatform and pc stuff we find interesting along with the most convincing rumors, the most ridiculous fake gaming news, the games that released for March, and even the games to look forward to in April!
Times for News - Sony 00:01:48 Nintendo 00:35:33 Microsoft 01:08:01 Misc 01:34:43

Show Notes

News Times:
  • Sony PS4 & PS5 - 00:01:48
  • Nintendo Switch - 00:35:33
  • Microsoft Xbox - 01:08:01
  • Multiplatform & PC - 01:34:43

What is Lamer Gamers Podcast?

Hello Lamer Gamers! We host a gaming podcast where our main quest is to have fun and give you a combination of gaming news, views, rumors, along with special BONUS POINTS topic where we reach out to the Lamer Community to gather other points of view on hot gaming topics. Now with ridiculous gaming parody commercials!
Podcasts that don't follow these two formats are considered SIDEQUEST episodes with a specific focus such as rantings, ravings, reviews, spoilercasts, "nerd alerts", Top 10's, games vs history, and more!