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How Basecamp's customer support team evolved to tackle some of its trickiest cases.

Show Notes

In the last several years, a group of Basecamp customer support representatives has developed an expertise around "on-call support," or tackling some of the thornier technical issues that require diving into the code base of our applications. This team of self-taught specialists grew out of curiosity, creativity, and an approach to programming that emphasizes fixing over building.

Show Notes

Basecamp's customer support team - 00:13

Jim Mackenzie on Twitter - 00:55

Jamis Buck on Twitter - 3:18

Jamis adapted his original Basil & Fabian on-call notes into a series that teaches newbies about algorithms and computer science. You can read Basil & Fabian on Jamis' website or on Kindle - 3:27

Dan Kim is now a programmer on Basecamp's Android team - 5:57

how to make templates in Basecamp 2 - 6:30

Wikipedia's explanation of traceroutes - 13:54

Kibana is another technical tool used at Basecamp - 14:55

our episode about holding office hours - 16:05

Rosa on Twitter - 16:07

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