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A lot of businesses start as side ventures or hobbies that grow into full-time pursuits. The trick is often in knowing when to quit a comfortable day job to start a new business. We sit down with one of our own at this crossroads. Noah Lorang headed Basecamp's data team for the last eight years, and now he's the sole proprietor of a woodworking shop that makes topographical maps. In this episode, Noah talks about how he made his hobby into a viable business, what Basecamp taught him about entrepreneurship, and what he gets from carving wooden maps that he doesn't get from writing code. Thanks for all the camaraderie, data analysis, and puns, Noah! We'll miss you.

Show Notes

"Thanks, Basecamp, for the memories and the lessons" on Medium

Noah Lorang on Twitter - 00:40

Noah's post on Reddit - 6:47

"Convert Geological Info into a Custom Map for 3D Printing and Milling" in Make: magazine - 7:23

Rick and Morty - 9:34

"Can it be 'art' if it's made with a robot's help?" on Medium - 24:45

Elevated Woodworking website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter - 28:24

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