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Google has a long history of putting customers first, thinking about the long-term, and being design-centric. Those values are part of the core product culture and help define how many products get built and go to market. In this episode, Neha and Kyle discuss product management processes and practices, talking to customers frequently, and establishing a product vision. 

Launching at scale is also very different. Google starts with the product vision, strategy and roadmap. They then break these down into OKRs and do customer research to create the PRDs and eventually the UX design for an MVP for development. 

Neha Bansal
Neha is the Head of Merchant Growth and Monetization for B2B Commerce at Google, where she is leading efforts to build the next $1B+ B2B business (zero to one product) for the company. She has worked at Google for ~5 years and has led various products in the Ads and Analytics space. She was the lead Product Manager (PM) for Google Analytics Intelligence. In this position, Neha oversaw the launch of Google Analytics 4 Search and Insights, a tool millions of businesses use to make the best marketing decisions that help them grow.

She has also spearheaded many diversity and inclusion initiatives relating to hiring at Google, which have resulted in the elimination of unnecessary requirements in the PM hiring process for interns across the company.

Before joining Google, Neha worked at Essex Product Consulting, where she helped Fortune 500 financial services companies build products that increased their bottom line by $50B+. She has 11+ years of experience as a PM and has guided many newly minted PMs in reaching their career goals.

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