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In this episode of The ServiceMonster Podcast, Joe, Adam, and Asher have a conversation with Robert Ayala about his entrepreneurial journey have a service business owner. Starting from the beginning, to finding Super Hero employees, getting off the truck, focusing on social media, and getting good reviews.

0:00 - Intro
1:03 - Robert Ayala: How It Started
5:23 - Creating A Path For Your Employees
11:56 - Getting Off The Truck
15:33 - What To Do Off The Truck
22:14 - When You Want To Go Big You Have To Go Small
25:28 - Using Social Media and Reviews
29:44 - Uniforms
34:07 - Loft
35:53 - Running Two Different Businesses
37:52 - Parting Words
39:56 - Outro

What is The ServiceMonster Podcast?

Welcome to The ServiceMonster Podcast, your bi-weekly resource for all things ServiceMonster. All episodes are hosted by ServiceMonster CEO Joe Kowalski, with guest hosting duties coming from ServiceMonster employees, service industry leaders, and many others. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!