Bootstrapping Saas

EP06 is the first episode recorded with a proper microphone. I talk about how I am still having trouble generating more leads and what I will do this coming week on fixing this problem (new content angle on the website and highly prospected direct emails in a new target market I want to explore)

Show Notes

In this episode I talk about how leads are still a problem and that I will focus on content (I describe in detail what is working for me and where I will focus my efforts). Also, that I will be giving cold emailing another try but a bit differently (highly prospected) and on a new target market (content marketers).

Claritask, the app, is in good shape with great comments coming from current users. I will also continue with a few new features and improvements inside the app.

There's one thing I want to try with my website, where I tone everything down, instead of trying to "sell" the entire time and try to convince someone that Claritask is better than other products.

What is Bootstrapping Saas?

Bootstrapping Saas is a podcast where I document my attempts at getting to $10K in MRR with my Saas products as a one-man show: designer, developer, marketer.

I talk about recent updates with my SaaS', conundrums, lessons, successful outcomes, and a few personal things here and there.

Once in a while, I bring in a guest and we talk.

The show is roughly prepared with bullet points, but mostly a free rain of thoughts with whatever is going on that week.

The first 40 episodes have been mostly about Claritask up until I exited:

Starting with Episode 41 I cover more attempts, ideas, findings, and other potential products.

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