GraphQL Radio

Luke Millar is a seasoned software engineer with extensive experience across the spectrum, from small startups to industry giants. Following the acquisition of his former venture, Projector, by Medium, Luke has taken the helm as the Vice President of Engineering at Medium, spearheading key initiatives and charting the course for technical excellence.

Topics discussed include: 
  • Small Medium Team
  • Tremendous Impact
  • Medium’s Phases
  • Going Faster
  • Being Acquired
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Changes @ Medium
  • Employee Retention
  • Work & Fun
  • Meaningful Goals
  • Team Building
  • Halving Amazon Costs
  • Technical Improvements
  • Hiding Behind Big Teams
  • Engineering Ladders
  • Clarity Helps
  • Introducing Levels
  • Impacting Business
  • Domain Expertise
  • Experienced Engineers
  • In-House Solutions
  • Maintaining Tech Costs
  • Build vs Buy
  • GitHub’s Changes
  • Making Users Happy
  • Listen To Users
  • Medium’s Scale
  • Medium’s System
  • GraphQL Queries
  • Spikey Traffic
  • Cost Issues
  • Caching Layers
  • News Traffic
  • Unpredictable Spikes
  • 10000 Requests Per Second
  • GraphQL At Medium
  • GraphQL Pitfalls
  • Technology Trade-Offs
  • Bloated Queries

Medium Engineering Blog

What is GraphQL Radio?

Max Stoiber (CEO, Stellate) and Abhi Aiyer (Tech Lead, Gatsby) dive deep into the GraphQL ecosystem with experts from the industry.

Listen in for practical tips from production power users, discussions about the evolution of the language and the tooling, the work of the GraphQL Foundation, and so much more.