Time Out: your city or mine?

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In this second episode of your city or mine?, Julio meets Philip Knatchbull, the CEO of Curzon Cinemas, a much-loved entertainment brand famous for its stylish cinemas and its streaming platform dedicated to indie films and filmmakers from all over the world. Philip shares how he caught the film bug from his father, a film producer; how he had a vision for combining physical and virtual film-going; and how the pandemic has accelerated so many exciting changes in people’s relationships with culture and their cities.

What is Time Out: your city or mine??

In your city or mine?, Julio Bruno – Time Out Group CEO, culture guru and global citizen – chats to the world’s most influential trendsetters, thought-leaders and policymakers about the stuff that’s shaping our cities. Bringing knowledge and experience gained from a globe-spanning career in sectors that include travel, technology, media and e-commerce, along with active involvement in the start-up world as an investor and board adviser, Julio takes inspiration from the remarkable ingenuity that has surfaced across countless communities during the Covid-19 pandemic to ask his guests about the trends, topics, individuals and ideas that are transforming cultural and city life.