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Rob and JD catch up after missing a week. Rob has been learning new things, and has experimented with Phoenix LiveView and nuxt. The two discuss StimulusReflex, a similar solution for Rails, and wonder what the next big thing for Rails might be. Could it be better way to support mobile apps? JD has been looking a bit into Domain Driven Design, and it becomes clear that another episode needs to be dedicated to this topic...

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Rob and JD catch up again after missing a week. Rob enjoys learning new things, and has focused his attention on new knowledge vs. progress for the sake of progress. His work with GraphQL for the Taskful 3 API rewrite is one example, and rebuilding his portfolio website with nuxt another. Rob is excited about Phoenix LiveView, and its equivalent in Rails called StimulusReflex. JD and Rob geek out hard over the current state of the Rails ecosystem, starting with StimulusReflex and A May of WTFs, before discussing their enjoyment of strongly typed languages and what that means for Ruby. Talking about DHH's keynote at RailsConf Couch Edition–and his interesting perspective on Ruby and its–benefits brings them to and what it might introduce to Rails. Could it be a framework to more easily build mobile apps for Rails applications? And from they dive deep into their email setups, in particular their experience with ProtonMail.


The Selfish Programmer talk from RailsConf
Rob's portfolio website

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Dev ‘n Life is a podcast by two friends who record their casual conversations about software development, technology, and personal growth. Follow along as Rob and JD discuss their ideas and views on technology and life as they maintain their long-distance friendship.