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In this episode, Kyla Denanyoh, a 2015 Southern University Law Center graduate, explains how her experience creating a role in a law firm taught her to embrace the value of her law degree.

Show Notes

Kyla Denanyoh is the Operations Manager of an intellectual property legal department in a mid-sized law firm; a role that was created for her unique abilities.

Her path to success was not as easily written as she would have liked; Kyla worked a number of odd jobs before being hired at a law firm and slowly advancing in her career.  However, much of the advancement arrived once Kyla acknowledged the value of her law degree.  The way that she processes knowledge, her work ethic, and many of her leadership skills were honed in law school.

The “You Are A Lawyer” podcast was created for those who, by choice or chance, are not admitted to a bar association or who are licensed attorneys who practice law in non-traditional ways.  

Prospective and current law students are welcome to listen and learn, as well as anyone who wants to transition into a new career. 

Follow the podcast on Twitter @YouAreA_Lawyer, Instagram @youarealawyer and on LinkedIn.  Follow the podcast host, Kyla Denanyoh, on Instagram @kjd796. 

What is You are a Lawyer Podcast?

A podcast that shares the experiences and successes of law graduates who created their own paths.