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Mary Sheehan’s career began in the early days of Google, where she started as an Account Manager fresh out of college. Switching lanes to Product Marketing, Sheehan now heads the Product Marketing team for Adobe Lightroom.

In this interview, Jeffrey and Mary talk about her newly launched book “The Pocket Guide to Product Launches”. In this interview, you'll hear her tips on product tiering and what kind of metrics are best for determining the success of a product launch.

Mary's book is now available on Amazon - you can check it out here!

Questions covered in this episode:

1. Please share a little bit about yourself and how you got into product marketing?
2. How would you advise others to start building out their go-to-market strategy? Where to begin?
3. In your experience, how long does it take to execute a gold launch versus a bronze launch?
4. How do you bring people along for process X? Especially given different, overlapping timelines and priorities, for example in the cases when a product marketing team is pulled in a number of different directions — how do you make sure that everything is going according to plan?
5. Can you tell us a bit more about how you measure the effectiveness of the launch process?

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