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As a state that is well-known for its world-class coldwater fishing experiences, Wisconsin could see significant changes to trout distribution through its streams as a result of climate change. These fish, namely brook trout and brown trout, require cold water to live. Warming temperatures are also more ideal for parasites, which can harm and kill trout. Projections show in the coming years that if temperatures continue to rise, 68% of the stream kilometers suitable for brook trout in Wisconsin would be lost, along with a 32% loss for brown trout.

In the latest episode of the Wild Wisconsin: Off the Record Podcast, we sat down with Matt Mitro, Coldwater Fisheries Research Scientist, to learn more about the research he is working on to help determine the possible impacts of climate change on the trout population in Wisconsin. Conservation efforts are underway, but it takes a community effort for effective change to be made.

For the full report on trout, visit: https://rdcu.be/bMmX1
Have a question for Matt about his research? Email us—dnrpodcast@wisconsin.gov

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