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For about two decades, Sabrina Rubin Erdely tried to power through the excruciating pain of migraine attacks, and hide the toll it took on her from the outside world. She thought that to acknowledge the disease's impact on her life was to admit defeat, even though some days it felt like an ice-pick was hacking at her brain. Although as many as 50 million Americans suffer from migraine, they often experience doubt from others who dismiss their suffering as "just a headache" even though severe head pain is only one symptom of this complex disease. Sabrina says finally speaking out about migraine's impact on her life feels liberating - like a great burden that has been lifted.

Show Notes

Erdely works at Ctrl M Health as head of content. It's a new platform and app which offers strategies for those who suffer from headache and migraine.

In the past she was a journalist, focused on long-form narrative writing, especially about crime, health and social issues.

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