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An interview with Harald Nieder, Partner at Redalpine, leading VC firm based in Zurich, investing in Technology (including FinTech) and Health Tech businesses in Europe. Harald explains how he started investing in start-ups and what the VC firms like his are looking for when investing in start-ups.

Show Notes

Harald Nieder shares the VC investor's perspective on the start-ups in Europe and the DACH region in particular. Redalpine is a European seed and early-stage venture investor in disruptive technologies with a focus on highly-scalable technology and Health Tech businesses including FinTech. https://www.redalpine.com/

What is Voice of FinTech?

Mapping out Swiss and European FinTech ecosystem. Aiming to inspire entrepreneurs to launch their new ventures and connect them with incubators, accelerators, investors and incumbents.