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It's a bourbon Flight Night as we enjoy a few varieties of Chicken Cock and talk with legend and master distiller Gregg Snyder. The crew for flight night includes: D. or the @vabourbonhunter on Instagram; Chris, or @Jefftherabb1t on Instagram; and A, @influensky on Instagram. Plus, we chat with Gaston Martinez, CEO and co-founder of IZO Spirits, who talks about Cinco de Mayo, Mexican spirits and more.

Show Notes

We kick off Flight Night IV with Gregg Snyder, Chicken Cock master distiller, at the 1:30-mark.
  • Introduction of the panel
  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION: Would you rather enjoy a drink on the porch/deck or at the bar?
  • History of the Chicken Cock brand
  • FIRST UP: Chicken Cock bourbon
  • Consistency on releases 
  • What drew you to Chicken Cock and Grain & Barrel Spirits?
  • What’s it like partnering with Bardstown Bourbon Company to to produce custom bourbon and whiskey for Chicken Cock?
  • SECOND UP: Chicken Cock rye
  • Working at Wild Turkey and launching Russell Reserve?
  • What’s next for Chicken Cock?
Then we switch gears as we welcome Gaston Martinez, CEO/founder of IZO Spirits, at the hour plus mark.
  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION: Would you rather enjoy a drink on the porch/deck or at the bar?
  • How IZO Spirits got its start
  • Expanding the spirits line?
  • What is used in Mexican spirits?
  • How do the Mexican spirits differ? How is tequila different from mezcal? 
  • Agave Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino Tequila recently took home some big awards
  • What's next and where can folks find you
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