What She Said!

I’ve done a lot of heartbreaking interviews over the last couple of years but my interview with Landy Anderson will stick with me for years. Seven-year-old Katelynn Sampson was murdered by her two caregivers in their Parkdale apartment 13 years ago and Landy started a Duty to Report Campaign calling on the provincial government to legislate two of the recommendations from Katelynn Sampson’s inquest. You will definitely want to hear this one, and then head on over to sign the petition.

Storytelling is a fundamental component of being human. Gayathri Shukla is the Founder of Campfire Kinship, a social enterprise providing story-based solutions for individuals and teams to discover their unique strengths, and build inclusive cultures. Gayathri joins me to share how leaders can lead more effectively through the power of stories.

Anne Brodie joins me just in the nick of time, as temperatures begin to plummet and our thoughts turn to cuddling up on the sofa with a good show. Anne shares details on Portraits From a Fire, the documentary The Capote Tapes, the giant ray of optimism that is Dear Future Children, and the wild and wacky The Cleaner out on BritBox.

How many times have you told someone you love to “drive safe”. As we approach the winter driving season in Canada, Kal Tire is asking #WhoDoYouDriveSafelyFor to get drivers thinking about the importance of safe, reliable tires on your car. Tiffany Moyer, our What She Said tire guru, joins me to share what you need to check to be sure your winter tires are ready.

My next interview with is here to lighten things up. Comedy Coop is an online comedy school hatched by comedy professionals, and offers classes for all levels of experience – from comedy- curious beginners who’ve never been in a comedy class, to more experienced students eager to enhance their skills. Co-founder Cristel Bartelse joins me to share details.

Finally, for women business owners, marketing their business during this pandemic has been difficult to say the least. Faced with ongoing hurdles, it can be challenging to share a message that may or may not be relevant in a week. Jordan Danger Stalker, Creative Director and Fractional CMO at Danger Co. joins me to share how she is helping businesses adapt to the new reality.

What is What She Said!?

Candace Sampson hosts What She Said! This one hour show aims to inspire and uplift women by giving them a voice in pursuing their professional and personal goals through showcasing successful women, as well as those who support women’s interests, and by creating opportunities for others to do the same.