Off The Podium - An Olympics Podcast

It's a return to the Winter Olympics today as we sit down with Aussie Olympian Jenny Lyons to chat about her incredible skiing career across two different sports that took her to three Olympics and a whole bunch of success along the way! We learn from Jenny just what took her into skiing and what the scene was like in the sport of alpine in Australia during her early years. We also find out about her three Olympic appearances and her honest assessment of why the Olympics weren't always the best experiences for her. Added to this we find out about her bronze medal at the X Games in 2012, what Australia needs in order to get more people involved in alpine skiing and just what could lead her out of retirement once again to give a fourth Olympics a crack. It's a fun interview that you will get a lot out of so be sure to tune in!

What is Off The Podium - An Olympics Podcast?

Three men who dreamt of Olympic glory but have as much athletic prowess as a piece of cheese, bring you weekly Olympian interviews from every corner of the planet, as well as entertaining and insightful analysis from all things related to the Olympic Games.