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Rishi Sunak was spooked, after a leak, into announcing his roll-back from Net Zero measures. This resulted in condemnation, not just from political opponents and environmental groups, but from within his own party and industry.
We look at what might be behind this and ask if this is a last throw of the dice to stave off electoral disaster.
Talking of disasters and Sunak he claimed yesterday that he was shocked to discover the runaway costs of HS2.
Is he holding the poison chalice of a 2009 Labour vanity project that's gone too far to cancel?
Lesley spoke to the Electoral Reform Society about the structure of Scottish local government. How democratic is Scottish local democracy?
If you want to contribute to the consultation on Democracy Matters Phase 2 follow the link below
Much has been made about the Unionist and Labour Party links of Unison's head of local government, Johanna Baxter, in the light of the union going ahead with three days of strike action after Unite and GMB called theirs off. Is too much of Scotland's politics being seen through an independence prism?
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