Decarb Connect

Alex talks with Nick Molho, Executive Director of Aldersgate, about the UK's 10 Point Plan and whether it can get us close to net zero.

Show Notes

Alex is joined by Nick Molho of the Aldersgate Group who represent UK corporates and advocate the business case for decarbonising the UK economy. At the time of recording, the UK Government's 10 Point plan is still fresh in the minds of anyone pursuing decarbonisation. Nick reviews the plan for us and gives a clear assessment of the good, the bad and the absent. We talk about market mechanisms, getting value for tax payer investments and we look at trade policy as a lever for decarbonisation.

Nick brings a background in environmental law to the discussion - plenty to learn from this (plus he's a really engaging podcastee).


What is Decarb Connect?

Examining the strategies and deployments around decarbonisation in hard to abate sectors, we speak with CEOs, heads of corporate strategy, CTOs, Innovation/R&D, project directors & heads of carbon management from around the world. Hosted by Alex Cameron of the Decarbonization Leaders Network and Decarb Connect & produced by Janno Media.