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Garett Williams | Portfolio Development Specialist - Industrial I/O @ Siemens
I am a high-energy business development and sales leader with over 24 years of factory automation market development and sales experience in the development and implementation of strategies to meet and exceed business growth goals. I have a passion for technology and people and am driven to leverage my knowledge, experience, and relationships across a wide range of industries to understand a customer's needs and collaborate to develop and implement optimal factory automation solutions to achieve their goals.

Garett Williams of Siemens joins Manufacturing Hub to kick off the Standardization of Automation theme for July!

Will the future of hardware be swappable items from one brand to another based on the stock level?
Or will we continue to make everything more and more difficult to swap parts?

For all of us, let's hope it's the former.
Join us as Garett lays out the landscape of what we've done historically and the direction the industry is moving.

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