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It's Election Day and there couldn't be more going on! The midterm elections are looking to end as Bill Gates predicted: hung. Also, SBF (the billionaire behind appears to have lost everything overnight, and China is threatening the Petrodollar.

Show Notes

It's Election Day in the United States of America! Exciting. However, after the most "free and fair" election in our history in 2020, it appears we have taken a huge step backwards! Over 20% of the voting machines are not working, but more specifically, Arizona (where the person in charge of voting is also in the race) and New Jersey are having major problems. Also, (founded by the billionaire SBF) looks to have gotten "caught" being over levered with consumer funds. So, their biggest competitor - Binance - has come in to buy the entire company! Crazy. Lastly, but not the least important, is that President Xi of China will be traveling to Saudi Arabia to meet with MBS. It appears the Petrodollar is in serious danger as the BRICS nations are coming together quickly. So much to discuss! Let's dive in.

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