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With the reveal of the PS5 during IGN's Summer of Gaming, this huge panel has plenty to chat about! We also get into some of the latest RPG releases!

Show Notes

On this episode of Random Encounter:
  • Everyone weighs in on their fave bits from the PS5 reveal event!
  • The Outer Worlds has hit the Switch in Tooker's hot hands, but does it hold up? Jono wants to know!
  • With the return of Xenoblade Chronicles, Steph has made room in her schedule for some necessary Reyn Time!
  • Patrick commandeers the podcast for SaGa talk, and really, no one is disappointed!
  • Maneater is an RPG about a shark. What's not to love? Neal gives us the best bites from this open-water RPG!

Featuring: Greg Delmage, Jono Logan, Steph Sybydlo, Patrick Gann, John Tucker, Neal Chandran

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