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Who should ultimately be responsible for the oversight, governance and implementation of artificial intelligence capabilities in media organisations? And in which parts of media workflows are AI tools most mature, and where is there the biggest room for opportunity? These are some of the questions tackled in the DPP report AI in Media: What does good look like? And to discuss some of the findings, media industry experts from Avid and Google came on the DPP podcast to talk about the latest innovations and trends.

Show Notes

Joining the DPP's Rowan de Pomerai and Edward Qualtrough to discuss artificial intelligence in the media industry are:

Kevin Riley, Avid — CTO
Melika Golkaram, Google — Product Manager

Part 2 of the DPP podcast "What does 'good' AI look like?" is here, featuring Ateliere CTO Ryan Kido and BBC Solution Lead Morag McIntosh.

DPP members can go here to download AI in Media: What does good look like?

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