00.00.40: Introductions
00.02.36: World of Gaming: Enworld has the lowdown on Evil Genius; CMOM exclusive deal with Gamefound; Between Clouds landing on doormat; Clare's 24 hr gaming marathon fro charity; Star Trek Adventures: The Federation Klingon War; Dune: Fall of the Imperium has Dave words in; This Blighted Isle: Darkened Hill and Dale KS; Alien nexus available from end the en of the month; Gaia Complex KS
00.30.48: Interview: Chris "Shep" Shepperson on the Gaia Complex and Conan: The Hyborean Age RPG
01.15.48: Exciting news for next time and Goodbye

Effekt is brought to you by Fictionsuit and RPG Gods. Music is by Stars in a Black Sea, used with kind permission of Free League Publishing.
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Creators & Guests

Dave Semark
Dave is co-host and writer on the podcast, and part of the writing team at Free League - he created the Xenos for Alien RPG and as been editor and writer on a number of further Alien and Vaesen books, as well as writing the majority the upcoming Better Worlds book. He has also been the Year Zero Engine consultant on War Stories and wrote the War Stories campaign, Rendezvous with Destiny.

What is Effekt?

A fan podcast celebrating (mostly Swedish) RPGs including, but not limited to: Coriolis; Forbidden Lands; Symbaroum; Tales from the Loop; and, Alien.