National Security This Week

Host Jon Olson’s guest is James Fanell, CAPT, USN (ret.) from the Geneva Center for Security Policy in Geneva, Switzerland. They discuss China, the People’s Liberation Army, and American national security challenges in the Indo-Pacific Theater.

Creators & Guests

Jon Olson
Jon is a the Host of National Security This Week and Co-Host of Public Policy This Week for KYMN Radio. Jon is a retired Commander with the Navy. He has a Masters Degree from the US Naval War College and a Masters Degree from the Humphrey School of Public Policy.

What is National Security This Week?

Host Jon Olson, US Navy (Ret.) Interviews different experts to learn about current and historical events with a focus on national security. Topic's include: the economy, climate change, cyber security, nuclear weapons, intelligence operations, and more.
New episodes released Wednesdays.