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This month marks eight years since I said a prayer that brought me to a church I had never attended as an adult. Then my scriptures took a swim!

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What is Sister Maggie?

Hi, I’m Sister Maggie Slighte!

After more than 45 years of praying to God while searching for a church I didn't know whether existed or not -- I got on my knees on a sunny March 6th morning and asked God how to come closer to Christ.
Three weeks later, I was baptized a Latter-day Saint. That was 2013.

After having blogged my reflections and observations of my conversion as it has happened, Heavenly Father impressed upon me it was time to add a few more mediums to the mix. He helps me continue to evolve.

I am a grandma of 5 (my fifth grandchild was born in December 2020!) and a mom of 3.
I have a Pitador (Pit bull-Labrador) companion who is the princess of my life and my service dog in training. She added her son, “Ruger Bear,” to our family in Sept 2016, and he is in training to replace her as my service companion when it is time for her to retire.

I’m currently finishing my first book, "The Car That Ran on Prayers" full of my Testimony of Jesus Christ and this is another one of the ways that I will share that Testimony!

I hope & pray for everyone to have a blessed life, full of Our Lord’s Holy Love and Lighte!!