Team Up! Team-based primary and community care in action

Show Notes

Sarah and Morgan try to zoom out from the TeamBITs and tangible take aways and talk about some of the ideas that the system can help with to improve primary care resilience.
This is the last planned episode for TeamUP Season 2 ... the team is already actively thinking about Season 3. We are considering the theme and even thinking about a few bonus (between season) episodes.

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In this episode, you’ll hear from:
John(y) Van Aerde, MD, MA, PhD, FRCPC
John(y) is the Executive Medical Director of the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders and the Founding Editor of the Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership. He has 25 years of experience as a neonatologist in the Canadian health system, the first 10 as a clinician-researcher, the next 15 in different leadership roles. After leaving the world of newborn medicine, he has been learning, teaching and researching leadership development for physicians across Canada. He holds a PhD in Medical Sciences and a Master’s degree in Health Leadership Studies, and has published extensively in the fields of neonatal nutrition & metabolism, and leadership in health systems. Recently, he became an emeritus Clinical Professor of Pediatrics – University of Alberta. He practices systems theory by living in a self-sustainable house and by exploring forest regeneration, while his wife grows year-round organic food.

What is Team Up! Team-based primary and community care in action?

A podcast that brings together primary care providers, healthcare planners, patients, innovators and others to talk about the changes that are happening in primary care in British Columbia.