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On this episode, my guest is Allison Schaaf. She is a food, nutrition and culinary expert, and the founder of meal-planning website PrepDish, which offers gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo meal plans. PrepDish aims to save people time preparing and cooking healthy, homecooked meals.

Show Notes

In today's episode, my guest is Allison Schaaf - a food, nutrition and culinary expert, and the founder of meal-planning website PrepDish. It offers gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo meal plans to help people save time preparing healthy, homecooked meals.

Allison was a guest on a previous bonus episode where we chatted about her approach in productivity which got its roots from the kitchen. She’s back today and we’ll talk about something that's off the beaten path for me: cooking!

If you’re interested in having a more productive kitchen, I highly suggest paying attention to this episode as we discussed:

  • Her background in culinary arts and nutrition, her stint as a personal chef, plus a personal pain point that led her to create a meal plan system that is known as Prep Dish (2:42).
  • Why people should think more about nourishment and well-being, and invest their time to planning their meals instead of going for the more convenient options (7:18).
  • Creating meal plans and ensuring that it is able to cater to more individuals with different diet restrictions (9:57).
  • How the PrepDish meal plan works – the inclusions, the systems, and the prep day and dish day hacks and procedures (11:57).
  • Allison’s food preparation systems which involve prioritization, doing double-duty tasks, grouping and batching, and how I use similar processes when teaching people productivity by using the grocery story allegory (18:10).
  • How learning the PrepDish system can help you enjoy the reward of healthy cooking in your family. (21:12).
  • Allison’s kitchen essentials and why you shouldn't skimp on the right tools (24:18).
  • Allison's advice that will make a difference in your life (29:12).

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As a work-at-home parent and a productivity guy, I really enjoyed my conversation with Allison. If you want to try out PrepDish, Allison is offering free meal plans for two weeks and you can get yours through this link:

If you want to hear more from Allison, you can check out the Productivityist Podcast on Patreon where supporters get access to bonus episodes - like the one where Allison and I talked about her productivity practices and other exclusive contents. You can also show your support by leaving the show a rating and review on iTunes - or whichever platform you're listening to.

Thanks for listening, until next time remember to stop guessing...and start going.

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