The Underlay - A Clever Choice Podcast

Gary has spent what seems an age in the flooring industry. A Butcher by trade, Gary changed to flooring and started as a commission-only salesman. Seeing a builder's sign was a business opportunity and Gary, and his didn't miss many chances to forge a long-term relationship with many builders on the Gold Coast.
Gary has built a business based on quality service and great products by running his commercial flooring business out of the Specialty Flooring Xtra store in Underwood. Michael and Matt discover who he started, how the commercial side differs from residential and also how the Carnivore diet has changed his life.
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What is The Underlay - A Clever Choice Podcast?

There's more to flooring than just laying boards. We take you inside and under the flooring industry and give you a look at what makes Clever Choice Flooring the perfect solution for you.