Rad Chat

Leadership 14

Show Notes

Naman Julka-Anderson andJo McNamara catch up with Ross McGhee as part of our leadership series (part 14)
Discussion about becoming the Society of Radiographers president and his vision for the upcoming year.
To use this podcast as CPD, look at these reflection points: 
1) reflect on how SoR supports radiographers within your department. 
2) what support is available in your department for trans patients, staff and students? Reflect on your knowledge around supporting LGBTQ+ people.
3) read the SoR documents on trans equality: https://www.sor.org/learning-advice/professional-body-guidance-and-publications/documents-and-publications/policy-guidance-document-library/trans-equality;-guidance-for-the-radiography-workf and supporting lesbian, gay and bisexual people in healthcare https://www.sor.org/learning-advice/professional-body-guidance-and-publications/documents-and-publications/policy-guidance-document-library/supporting-lesbian,-gay-and-bisexual-people-in-hea  
Queering cancer: https://queeringcancer.ca/ 

Complete this form for your accredited digital badge: https://bit.ly/3GbtR1X.

Links from podcast:
Society of Radiographers: https://www.sor.org/ 
SoR UK Council https://www.sor.org/about/society-of-radiographers/uk-council-2 
SoR Equalise: https://www.sor.org/news/ezine/we-are-equalise-(1) News report: https://www.sor.org/news/sor/ross-mcghee-sor-president-for-2022-23 

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