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In radio news, more major radio groups report their first quarter revenue results, with traditional down, and digital up. Bob and Sheri return to Charlott Norrth Carolina with their syndicated morning show on WKQC FM. Finally we will let you know what is happening on the street. Next up, Jennifer will come along with her call letter and format changes. Bill Sparks will take us to columbus Ohio and we will hear WCSI AM from 1974. This weeks classic aircheck takes us to Los Angeles California and we get to hear radio station KHJ AM and the reel Don Steel from Jan. 21, 1966. Finally our featured station keeps us in Los angeles California and we get to hear mellow rock on KNX FM 93 internet radio station.

What is All Things Radio?

Radio industry news, call-letter and format changes, classic airchecks, featured stations and live comments from Zoom Conference.