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I’ve been learning the Twenty Twenty-Four theme deeply over the last few weeks, as I feel this is one of the most important default themes ever released. 

A theme that has a good set of patterns at launch, a less opinionated design than previous default themes, and with the site editing and block experience at an acceptable level for customizations. 

TT4 provides a solid starting point for many small business or creators looking for a new website. My only hope is that the design team behind TT4 continue to improve the feature set, and not let it sit after launch. Let’s make this theme better over the next year!
I’m not surprised with Mullenweg’s offensive take on the recent price hike at Elementor, but I also feel it’s a bit short sighted for the industry as a whole. 

Does it have to be core vs 3rd party plugins for WordPress to survive? Do the future enhancements to site editing and blocks slowly erode the page builder market? I understand why it’s happening, and as frustrating as it can be, the fragmentation of WordPress experience has brought us a lot of choices and innovation over the years. 

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