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The Dutch government is not seeking to eliminate about a third of its farms for environmental reasons. Instead, it is about the construction of Tristate City, a megalopolis with a population of around 45 million extending to areas of Germany and Belgium.

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The Dutch government is not seeking to eliminate about a third of its farms for environmental reasons. Instead, it is about the construction of Tristate City, a megalopolis with a population of around 45 million extending to areas of Germany and Belgium.

To be able to implement this project, which is planned in agreement with the goals of Agenda 2030, expropriations are also planned.

The so-called “nitrogen crisis,” Engel says, is fictional, a purely political issue. No human lives are at stake. All that is at stake, he says, is that some politicians want to reshape Holland’s landscape.

Moreover, the most significant nitrogen emissions are not caused by agriculture but by industry. However, this is not being targeted by those responsible.
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[jonathan_kogan]: An we're live everybody welcome to The
Jonathan Kogan Show let's get right into the

[jonathan_kogan]: juicy fruit of the news of the
elites playing a game of risk with our

[jonathan_kogan]: lives like it's nothing like it just
nothing what do you know about these mega

[jonathan_kogan]: cities what do you know about it
what do you know about I'm gonna play

[jonathan_kogan]: a couple of clips here but what
do you know about the tri state city

[jonathan_kogan]: do you know anti about the tri
state city no you don't know about the

[jonathan_kogan]: tri state city network you don't know
about it you don't know why in the

[jonathan_kogan]: netherlands you probably know about the dutch
farmers protesting because the nitrogen emissions that they

[jonathan_kogan]: want they want shut down the farms
in the netherlands very very important climate change

[jonathan_kogan]: very very important not saying anything about
climate change not giving an opinion just saying

[jonathan_kogan]: very good they want to shut down
leven thousand two hundred farms in the netherlands

[jonathan_kogan]: there's about eleven thousand one hundred and
sixty six farms oh that's awfully close to

[jonathan_kogan]: the same number well i'm shore it's
coincidence whatever everything is a coincidence nowadays don't

[jonathan_kogan]: believe it and if you actually go
to the stride tri state city dot n

[jonathan_kogan]: l that's what the netherlands uses for
their website and i'll pull it up on

[jonathan_kogan]: my screen if you're watching this because
this is just fantastic they just rub in

[jonathan_kogan]: your face right sustainable now work model
for one hundred smaller medium sized cities in

[jonathan_kogan]: the low countries then it's all you
know have you heard about these fifteen minute

[jonathan_kogan]: neighborhoods like in oxford do you know
about this you don't know about this either

[jonathan_kogan]: this is crazy they want ever to
be within fifteen minutes so people they want

[jonathan_kogan]: to just pile in all these peasants
into these small cities and we got our

[jonathan_kogan]: pharmacy over here we got our clinic
over here our grocery store over there no

[jonathan_kogan]: cars no no no carbon footprint but
if you're you know bill gates you can

[jonathan_kogan]: go across the world and fly your
private plans but if you're a peasant you

[jonathan_kogan]: need to do as we say and
you have no cars and but if you

[jonathan_kogan]: go oh my god this tri state
city things seems to be related to the

[jonathan_kogan]: new nitrogen policies of the dutch government
that's like why they want to shut down

[jonathan_kogan]: the farms and then yet they have
paul they have plans and blue prints of

[jonathan_kogan]: building this megas city across where all
these farms currently are to berlin to all

[jonathan_kogan]: massive massive other ones to germany to
belgium or something just massive but it says

[jonathan_kogan]: don't worry now don't worry at the
bottom of the tri state city dot nlwebsite

[jonathan_kogan]: it says p s this model has
no underling no relation whatsoever with the nitrogen

[jonathan_kogan]: policy of the dutch government explanation point
explanation point you think you're on to something

[jonathan_kogan]: no you're not you're not no you're
not you should not be thinking you do

[jonathan_kogan]: not deserve to think you deserve to
be told what to think now we might

[jonathan_kogan]: have great clip to play so let's
get right into it and by the way

[jonathan_kogan]: who's behind this all the g twenty
countries and you know we're like nomina form

[jonathan_kogan]: that's the usual suspects but i would
talk through this myself but i'm just going

[jonathan_kogan]: to let nil miccoy ward talked through
it because he explains it well and he's

[jonathan_kogan]: got a cool accent and you hear
me talk all the time so i'm just

[jonathan_kogan]: not going to do it but i'll
give you my tip bits as we go

[jonathan_kogan]: through it already skipped like eight minutes
ahead of it he starts the tri state

[jonathan_kogan]: city network take a listen absorb evaluate
perhaps to your own research come to your

[jonathan_kogan]: own conclusion no like in the movie
what was it jump to your own conclusion

[jonathan_kogan]: matt what a great idea where you
have different options on a door mat and

[jonathan_kogan]: you can jump to your own conclusions
i forget what that's from meet the parent

[jonathan_kogan]: or something i forget here we go

[jonathan_kogan]: ye

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[jonathan_kogan]: by the way side note the aletes
love symbolism they love symbolism shout out bellenciaga

[jonathan_kogan]: remember the balnciaga you know like penafelia
you know like bondage bdsmon children right like

[jonathan_kogan]: in your face and you didn't do
anything about it yeah that's called symbolism that's

[jonathan_kogan]: the elite saying hey we're pedifiles and
you can't do nothing about it peasant

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: not totally true neil unless you guys
missed at the united states of america gave

[jonathan_kogan]: africa twenty billion dollars over the next
three years we gave fifty billion already to

[jonathan_kogan]: ukraine maybe a hundred billion actually like
literally in the past nine months africa gets

[jonathan_kogan]: africa who we love so much gets
twenty billion over the next three years equity

[jonathan_kogan]: i

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah ye

[jonathan_kogan]: what do you mean you don't you're
telling me that you don't know people who

[jonathan_kogan]: in their free time make twelve hundred
paid documents or for forty one hundred page

[jonathan_kogan]: omnibus bills while they're on the toilet
you don't know those people well then you

[jonathan_kogan]: don't know anybody

[jonathan_kogan]: that's sad arabia i believe

[jonathan_kogan]: shout out vision twenty thirty ye m
m m m

[jonathan_kogan]: uh uh uh uh

[jonathan_kogan]: uh

[jonathan_kogan]: it's so true it is so true
so i know this isn't the most exciting

[jonathan_kogan]: video but i'll play i'll play a
bit of his other one with the oxford

[jonathan_kogan]: the fifteen minute neighborhood because you just
need to have an idea of what it

[jonathan_kogan]: is and i don't think i can
explain as well but i hope you enjoyed

[jonathan_kogan]: travelling your whole life because those days
are numbered here we go to a old

[jonathan_kogan]: on here we go yeah take a
quick listen that it says on the article

[jonathan_kogan]: from the oxford mail traffic filters will
divide city into fifteen minute neighborhoods here we

[jonathan_kogan]: go

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: uh uh shout out democracy

[jonathan_kogan]: u h h yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: uh ah can't make this up yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: it's digital

[jonathan_kogan]: crazy timing no yeah nothing

[jonathan_kogan]: sure

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah so they're building mega cities and
they are the lites re making proposals to

[jonathan_kogan]: one another and two businesses and other
large n gos and in bodies to attract

[jonathan_kogan]: more peasants to stuff into these mega
cities all over the world and then try

[jonathan_kogan]: to bring as much business there which
basically means that we absolutely live in a

[jonathan_kogan]: society that is run by massive corporation
in conjunction with massive governments this isn't new

[jonathan_kogan]: news okay all i'm trying to tell
you is this isn't good for you and

[jonathan_kogan]: i not good no bona and it's
better for me than probably most people in

[jonathan_kogan]: the world beau if you're in the
u s a you that's a definite advantage

[jonathan_kogan]: right there for sure but what about
the country the us hates which is everybody

[jonathan_kogan]: and then the countries that hate the
u s which is everybody nobody likes each

[jonathan_kogan]: other any more nobody you know what
the crazy thing is nobody likes each other

[jonathan_kogan]: i say like you know country to
country and there's all you know every everyone

[jonathan_kogan]: hates the u s the us fights
you know starts wars and syria and yemen

[jonathan_kogan]: and geneside and you know we hate
the world as we do we start wars

[jonathan_kogan]: the war machines cans all that stuff
fantast not fantastic but whatever the truth is

[jonathan_kogan]: on the peasant level which is you
and i we're cool we're great we accept

[jonathan_kogan]: each other we love one another we're
down we'd go get some mozoball soup we

[jonathan_kogan]: would go get an onlet something like
that maybe even a stake dinner i don't

[jonathan_kogan]: know maybe you don't eat meat maybe
or vegetarian maybe your egan i don't care

[jonathan_kogan]: what you are and you probably don't
care what i am you just want me

[jonathan_kogan]: to be honest with you and i
would hope that in return you would be

[jonathan_kogan]: honest to me and if you're not
pop you in the cheek now i'm kidding

[jonathan_kogan]: i wouldn't do that i wouldn't do
that i wouldn't do that i would never

[jonathan_kogan]: do that but seriously we're cool they
want all this strife and all this you

[jonathan_kogan]: know hatred but it's not working on
the on the on the on the normal

[jonathan_kogan]: everyday populace you and i we genuinely
don't like the peasants in russia the peasants

[jonathan_kogan]: in ukraine the peasants in canada the
peasants in venezuela the peasants in chili the

[jonathan_kogan]: peasants in mexico the peasants in the
united states we all love each other because

[jonathan_kogan]: we're all on the same team that's
the truth we are literally all on the

[jonathan_kogan]: team all of us but when you
get to the elite level united states like

[jonathan_kogan]: russia ukraine venezuela like canada well there's
a lot of drama and they play drama

[jonathan_kogan]: in a very theatric away they have
to use us as pawns and start like

[jonathan_kogan]: real wars and fammins and pandemics to
like you know show who's stronger than one

[jonathan_kogan]: another we're basically like a a piece
in a big giant board game that's basically

[jonathan_kogan]: what's going on here we are literally
the little pieces in the game of risk

[jonathan_kogan]: that's what we are i mean i
know it's very have to wrap your head

[jonathan_kogan]: around that trust me it's still it's
unbelievably weird to me to think that but

[jonathan_kogan]: we are and we're just like oh
you know let's have a mass migration over

[jonathan_kogan]: here or surge the border over here
or protect that border or let's take this

[jonathan_kogan]: country or let's let this country you
know diafhaming that's what's going on here that's

[jonathan_kogan]: hat they do it's unreal it is
unreal it's spectacularly incredibly fascinating and on this

[jonathan_kogan]: podcast i want you to know there's
mega city's being built most likely for you

[jonathan_kogan]: and i we're gonna say no we're
going to say no we are going to

[jonathan_kogan]: become our own central bank right we're
going to own hard medals we're going to

[jonathan_kogan]: own listen i personally think big coin
not financial advice and we are going to

[jonathan_kogan]: crea parallel economies we're going to shop
local we're going to help the mom and

[jonathan_kogan]: pop shop we're not going to go
to wallmar which by the way i saw

[jonathan_kogan]: a picture of a of a wall
of wallmark shelves today that were like totally

[jonathan_kogan]: empty there was no milk there was
no bread it was totally empty now the

[jonathan_kogan]: family is not going to start in
the us it would end in the us

[jonathan_kogan]: if it comes to the u s
but in africa and other countries next year

[jonathan_kogan]: i think late next year is not
going to be boyintoup for family for food

[jonathan_kogan]: and they're weaponizing food just like the
u s is weaponizing the world reserve currency

[jonathan_kogan]: the u s dollar um russia's weaponizing
no no there military against the uranian people

[jonathan_kogan]: there's so much drama going on in
the l b c and it's still trying

[jonathan_kogan]: how to be snoop deal w g
okay but that's not here nor there you

[jonathan_kogan]: understand you understand so maga cities are
being built whether you like it or not

[jonathan_kogan]: they're going to do it whether you
like it or not shout out democracy what

[jonathan_kogan]: do you hate democracy what you not
think what do you what do you think

[jonathan_kogan]: your your vote doesn't count when you're
more on because you your vote means everything

[jonathan_kogan]: okay everything all right they you didn't
think that at least in the u s

[jonathan_kogan]: that your representative the house represent senate
the present yu don't think they represent the

[jonathan_kogan]: people are you are you a conspiracy
theorist are you a moron all they do

[jonathan_kogan]: is they can't even sleep at night
wanting what little joe is doing in detroit

[jonathan_kogan]: they want it you know or or
or phyllis and and steve who lost who

[jonathan_kogan]: lost their son steve junior to fentonall
they they can't sleep they can't sleep all

[jonathan_kogan]: they're thinking about is how do we
make the world safe for the peasants what

[jonathan_kogan]: do we do they hit our guts
they really hate us why do they hate

[jonathan_kogan]: us i don't know because i think
most of us are kind most of us

[jonathan_kogan]: are good you know most of us
want the best for one another we want

[jonathan_kogan]: to you know see a better world
in you know for our children and then

[jonathan_kogan]: their children and so forth and a
nice linear or even expedentialbut you know i

[jonathan_kogan]: seems like we're going to the dark
ages a little bit you know but i

[jonathan_kogan]: still think we got some pull here
we got some pull here so we got

[jonathan_kogan]: to come together we got to put
aside our differences whether you're democrat republican independent

[jonathan_kogan]: or like we this podcast a political
anti politics any one of those categories guess

[jonathan_kogan]: what we're on the same team okay
and whoever is elected who you think represents

[jonathan_kogan]: you and loves you they despise you
and why i really i honestly have no

[jonathan_kogan]: idea it's mind blowing to me i
have no idea they must be thinking that

[jonathan_kogan]: the decision they're making is going to
make the world a better place i can't

[jonathan_kogan]: imagine they're like innately evil they just
see the world different way and then they're

[jonathan_kogan]: like we need to shape it to
our way because we know best i don't

[jonathan_kogan]: know what the deal is it's very
strange i don't think they're inherently dark and

[jonathan_kogan]: evil i don't think but perhaps they
are i don't know any more i really

[jonathan_kogan]: don't know it seems that way doesn't
it really seems that way but we got

[jonathan_kogan]: a chance to be the freest the
civilization of humanity has ever been in our

[jonathan_kogan]: entire life if we can get out
of this matrix system and get into a

[jonathan_kogan]: decentralized currency and and create parallel economies
that are not totally centralized with these massive

[jonathan_kogan]: corporations that have so much control of
our lives and all the supply chains and

[jonathan_kogan]: everything and we can create these you
know more look as communities you know well

[jonathan_kogan]: with joe's theater and and catherine's coffee
shop and stuff like that we can pop

[jonathan_kogan]: out of the matrix have a better
better life and really not be controlled by

[jonathan_kogan]: centralized authorities otherwise we're going to be
in a talitarian a surveiled community society that's

[jonathan_kogan]: what we're going into that's we're already
in it were already in it we already

[jonathan_kogan]: know the spies we aready know this
okay we already know hat they doing you

[jonathan_kogan]: know another country alitystol aids us so
we got to start we got to start

[jonathan_kogan]: if you if everybody listens to this
instead of going to target or target and

[jonathan_kogan]: goes to some i don't know mom's
big lots local clothing store buy clothes there

[jonathan_kogan]: or go to go to donnie's dishes
on the corner and buys their dishes from

[jonathan_kogan]: there that would radically change the environment
if we stop going to these massive centralized

[jonathan_kogan]: huge institutions need to shift to shift
it's time to audible and shift go in

[jonathan_kogan]: motion and shift you understand if we
all do it and then we all on

[jonathan_kogan]: the internet on social media say nice
thing comment i think to one another and

[jonathan_kogan]: realize that oh my god the world
is a great place and we can pop

[jonathan_kogan]: out and have our own the elite
can go play with themselves and do whatever

[jonathan_kogan]: they want to do you know with
balenciagaand b d s m on children and

[jonathan_kogan]: god bless and then we go over
here and you know live a really really

[jonathan_kogan]: good life we could do this we
could do this together but we need to

[jonathan_kogan]: put aside our differences we need to
say politics is a hoax it's a hoax

[jonathan_kogan]: it's a hoax i'm sorry i'm sorry
i had to break that to you it

[jonathan_kogan]: is a hoax okay yeah then we
can make it out of this freer than

[jonathan_kogan]: ever and i think we will i
do i truly do in my heart of

[jonathan_kogan]: hearts that's all i got today happy
holidays marry christmas happy honica happy quanza happy

[jonathan_kogan]: whatever day you celebrate it does not
matter i got a great gift you want

[jonathan_kogan]: to give a family member a great
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listen to it at j s k dot

[jonathan_kogan]: transistor dot f m share it with
a family member let's start cracking the dam

[jonathan_kogan]: on the matrix and the mind control
break through share love peace everything good and

[jonathan_kogan]: we will make it out of this
that is the best christmas honicaquanza whatever present

[jonathan_kogan]: i do not if you're anti holidays
that's fantastic share it with a family member

[jonathan_kogan]: and the truth will crack the dam
wide open and this game will be one

[jonathan_kogan]: by us we the of people all
of it you understand all right everybody on

[jonathan_kogan]: our way to become the number one
podcast on twitter it will happen mark my

[jonathan_kogan]: words come back and re play this
when you play the highlights and create cuts

[jonathan_kogan]: for tiktok one day we're still out
on there now who knows it's being banned

[jonathan_kogan]: everywhere all right well until twenty twenty
three baby i think it be the roughest

[jonathan_kogan]: year we've ever had personally i think
ten twenty four will be rough but i

[jonathan_kogan]: think twentrthr will be the roughest year
we've ever had in twenty four will be

[jonathan_kogan]: the second roughest and then twenty five
things will be getting better that's my take

[jonathan_kogan]: that's why you come here for the
truth and the truth so help us God

[jonathan_kogan]: okay everybody have an amazing holiday spend
time with the family share with the family

[jonathan_kogan]: member take care good bye