Corralling the Chaos

Angela Alea talks with Tom Stimson about how live event companies can be intentional in their business success.

Show Notes

Here's What We're Talking About 馃挰
路      Intentional success and why it鈥檚 hard for event professionals who didn鈥檛 set out to start a business.
路      Why this industry is full of accidental entrepreneurs.
路      What the number one issue is for event business owners right now. 
路      Why we have to push forward when our tendency is to look backward. 
路      How to identify a bad client.
路      How we鈥檝e taught our clients how to treat us.
路      The difference between a quote and a proposal.
路      The reason we have discounts in our industry and why it undervalues us. 
路      The problem with discounts in the live events industry.
路      What the biggest opportunity is for our industry is right now. 
路      What we can do as an industry to put ourselves on the map for investment dollars. 

What is Corralling the Chaos?

Corralling The Chaos is a weekly podcast for companies and crew professionals in the event industry. We pull back the curtain to talk publicly about the things event professionals worry about privately. We鈥檙e asking the tough questions so we can give you the answers you need. And nothing is off-limits.

This podcast is hosted by Angela Alea, President and Chief Revenue Officer at LASSO.