The Texas Hemp Show

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Russell interviews Freeway Ricky Ross about the ongoing drug-war and talk about his new line of products while also addressing the political challenges Texas has with regards to Marijuana reform in the lone star state. Kevin Booth (who knows Ricky Ross and are currently developing business projects together ) calls in and the conversations continues about the failed prison system and criminalization aspect. Rick may return to Texas for the upcoming Lucky Leaf Expo!

Show Notes

Russell and Kevin go down memory lane discussing the acid water in south Austin and the days when both were at Austin Public Access TV but at different times and years. Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, Bill Hicks, Dave Pruitt, Nathan, and Ol Bitty Flashback's loom as the duo discuss alternative media in the early 2000s and early 90s in the Underbelly of Austin's Conspiracy Culture. A great idea for Kevin's Next Film. 

What is The Texas Hemp Show ?

The Texas Hemp Reporter new Podcast: The Texas Hemp Show is now recorded every Wednesday at 5pm and is released each week shortly afterwards. For news and the latest information on the growing Hemp industry in the Lone Star State.