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This week we take several shots of vodka before trying to make sense of all the announcements. OpenAI attempted to trump Google's Gemini 1.5 with the announcement of Sora, 1 minute video generation that does an incredible job of keeping track of objects. Google showed us that up to 10M context windows are possible with multi-modal inputs. We discuss if a larger context window could end the need for RAG and take a first look at GraphRAG by Microsoft hoping to improve RAG with a knowledge graph. We road test Nvidia's ChatRTX on our baller graphics cards and Chris tries to delete all of his files using Microsoft UFO, a new open source project that uses GPT-4 vision to navigate and execute tasks on your Windows PC. We cover briefly V-JEPA (will try for next weeks show) and it's ability to learn through watching videos and listening, and finally discuss Stability's Stable Cascade which we've made available for "research" on SimTheory.

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00:00 - OpenAI's Sora That Creates Videos Instantly From Text
13:49 - ChatGPT Memory Released in Limited Preview
23:31 - OpenAI Rumored To Be Building Web Search, Andrej Karpathy Leaves OpenAI, Have OpenAI Slowed Down?
33:04 - Google Announces Gemini Pro 1.5. Huge Breakthrough 10M Context Window!
50:11 - Microsoft Research Publishes GraphRAG: Knowledge Graph Based RAG
1:02:03 - Nvidia's ChatRTX Road Tested
1:07:18 - AI Computers, AI PCs & Microsoft's UFO: An Agent for Window OS Interaction. Risk of AI Computers.
1:18:46 - Meta's V-JEPA: new architecture for self-supervised learning
1:24:26 - Stability AI's Stable Cascade

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This Day in AI Podcast is a podcast all about AI. It's an hour-long conversation on the influence and rise of AI in technology and society. Hosted by Michael and Chris Sharkey.