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Let loose to tear. Let in to feel. fna is an exercise in sound and idea; enjoy your descent.

Show Notes

♥ Plateau9ine

I am stretched upon an infinite plateau where every direction beckons and each step claws back at me.
Within & 
Without & 
Withdrawn &
With doubt &
The wherewithal & here
Razor-ed in without a care and
Suddenly jolted awake every time we settle on due north
With choking expectation.
Within & 
Without &
Withdrawn & 
Past on, passed out, petty chance encounters pissing past lives away
I am beyond my means, beyond my scope; trying desperately to write the ciphers after the fact.
Just a little more.
This infinite plateau: tearing, tearing, tearing.

Plateau9ine was written, recorded and produced by Eamonn Cottrell. Image used with permission from unsplash.

♠ fna show

  • the fna show is brought to you in part by consecrated consciousness and the crucifixion of complacency. More is being revealed. More will be revealed

♠ The Creative Undertow 

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What is the fna show?

fna is an aural excursion through thought. it is an experiment in sound and idea. it is a terrible champion. listen at risk. fear to listen. crucify complacency.