The 80its

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Will and Ray speak with Derek Wilson, star of "Preacher," "Future Man" and "Birds of Prey," about whether one of the best "1980s" sci-fi/comedy TV shows actually debuted in 2017.

Show Notes

Will, Ray and special guest Derek Wilson discuss current news related to 1980s media, including why Robert Plant doesn't like his music from the 1980s and a plot hole or plot conspiracy in "Karate Kid" and "Cobra Kai." Then, the duo speaks with Derek, who stars in "Preacher," "Future Man" and "Birds of Prey," about becoming an actor, the future of "Future Man" and his lead role in an upcoming immersive audio drama ("surround sound experiment"). Visit for more information.

What is The 80its?

An objective defense of 1980s pop culture. From a couple of idiots.