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Guest Bio - Clinton Hommel
An individual who possesses strong problem-solving skills, great attention to detail, and an intense desire to produce high-caliber work regardless of the task at hand. Learning quickly without formal training or prior experience has proven valuable when working with new materials or equipment. An easygoing demeanor and strong interpersonal skills help to produce a well-rounded, challenge-driven individual capable of operating independently and who aspires to incorporate personal and professional excellence within all facets of business and personal interactions.

Guest Bio - Russell Kolacek

Learn how Phoenix Contact USA is walking its talk regarding sustainability.

We have two special guests this week: Clinton Hommel and Russell Kolacek.

Russell is in charge of deploying solutions at the US facilities - including some really awesome robotic lawnmowers and a slew of #PLCnext products.

Clinton is in charge of getting those sustainability products into the hands of the rest of us.

Come listen as we talk about sustainable solutions that anyone can deploy!

A special thank you to Phoenix Contact USA for sponsoring this theme and your continued support of the community.

Manufacturing Hub Episode 105.

Be sure not to miss this great conversation.

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