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In Episode 41 Justin speaks with Paul Dunne, EMEA Channel Director of Poly, exploring the opportunities and obstacles that face the AV industry in 2021.

Show Notes

With the vast majority of organisations accepting some sort of hybrid work balance due to the events of the last 9 months, AV specialists have an opportunity to show leadership and add value to organisations of almost every stripe. Cloud infrastructures have rapidly developed as organisations scramble to support remote working, and are now primed for investment. Specifically in Ireland, the tax expense arrangements to facilitate remote working suggested by Leo Varadkar offer an opportunity for specific investment into enterprise-grade video and audio solutions.

However, there are new difficulties too. Identifying specific types of workers in customer businesses was simple in a rigid workplace with set environments, but the hybrid working revolution has made these personas more fluid. Rather than looking at traditional personas, businesses - and particularly channel businesses - need to help customers have conversations that allow them to identify not just where they work, but also to address the specific challenges that are unique to each individual.

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