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Well we finally did it, after all the meta changes, balance dataslate changes, suppliments, chapter approved and the rest, we have landed on a stable patch of the game in which to look back upon the sisters codex.

This may very well be the most adjusted, tweaked, nerfed, rebalanced codex we have seen this edition or ever if the trend continues. And joining me as we look back on it nearly a year after it's release is the wonderful Mitch Beard (Mitchy B.) from Sister Act 40k! Who once again brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the show.

So sit on down, wet a brush or keep driving straight as we regail you with the the tale so far, for this amazingly well put together book!

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Art of War - The Competitive 40k Network presents the Art of War and Art of War Down Under podcasts.

Art of War - Strategy and tactics, as well as discussion with the best players on the planet. Your Hosts, Steve Joll and John Lennon.

Art of War Down Under - Review and disection of content from some of the sharpest minds in the game. Your host Adam Camilleri

Art of War Unbroken - Interviews with world class Warhammer 40k players who have taken a loss in a major event. Your hosts Blake Law and Brad Chester