Jewish Inspiration for Living a Moral & Spiritual Life

In this 10-part class series, Rabbi Shmuly will explore, what he proposes to be, the 10 most amazing Jewish insights that have transformed and beautified the world for millennia.

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What is Jewish Inspiration for Living a Moral & Spiritual Life?

In Jewish Inspiration for Living a Moral & Spiritual Life, Valley Beit Midrash's President and Dean – Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz – explores how Torah and Jewish ethics can relate to everyday life.

This channel is home to all of Rabbi Shmuly’s class series, including:
• 39 Ways to Repair the World (’20-’21)
• 40 Greatest Debates in Jewish History (’21-’22)
• Pearls of Jewish Wisdom on Living with Kindness (’22-’23)
• 45 Great Philosophers and What They Mean for Judaism (’23-’24)

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Valley Beit Midrash (VBM) is dedicated to social justice as driven by Torah ethics. VBM's mission is to improve lives through Jewish learning, direct action, and leadership development.

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