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If you're listening to this podcast, you know that locum tenens providers work at healthcare facilities on a temporary basis to fill gaps in care or occupy vacant positions until a full-time provider can be found.  You also know that it can be great work - but it’s also challenging to find the right match for the provider, the practice, and the hospital.

About Our Guest:

Today's guest is Dr. Hamad Husainy, founder of Sycamore Independent Physicians. Dr. Hamad Husainy started Sycamore as a fair-priced alternative to locums companies. Today, Sycamore has grown into a business manager for physicians who run their careers like a business.

In this episode, we explore:
  • Dr. Husainy's Journey to becoming an EM Leader
  • The how and why behind Sycamore Independent Physicians
  • The team that rallied around bringing Dr. Husainy's startup to life
  • Working with both sides of the marketplace - physicians and emergency departments
  • Plans for the future of Sycamore

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What is Emergency Medicine Workforce?

Welcome to the Emergency Medicine Workforce Podcast, where we explore the business and profession of emergency medicine through in-depth interviews with the specialty's leaders. To all the EM clinicians out there, we appreciate you.