We both share our takeaways from Microconf.

Show Notes

We both share our takeaways from Microconf.

00:00 Intro
00:37 Microconf growth '22
07:46 Takeaway #1: Focus instead of niche
13:16 Takeaway #2: Buying is harder than selling
19:35 subpoint: have a buyers guide
27:18 Takeaway #3: It's OK to optimize for experience instead of growth
39:05 Tall poppy syndrome
41:37 Excited for SaaS again
46:20 A nice little Italian restaurant on the internet
50:28 Hot take #1: Google voice style frontend for Twilio
55:20 Hot take #2: Tree map for expenses in QuickBooks
01:02:00 Fixed audio

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🚽 “How to Craft a Story that Sells” by April Dunford:
🔍”How to Go-To-Market Across Many Verticals” by Asia Orangio:
🐎”Ending Well: The Complex Psychology of Exiting Your Company” by Sherry Walling:
☑️The 7-Figure To Do List: 29 Tactics To Level-Up Your Business In 60 Minutes or Less by Rob Walling:
🚀”Here’s the exact method I used to scale to $100k MRR in 12 months”:
🌳Grand Perspective’s tree map:
🍝 “​​Nice Italian restaurant of the internet”:

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