Jeremy just recently gave a talk at friendly.rb titled "Making it as an Indie Developer". Part of the talk was about managing yourself and we wanted to do a deeper dive into that topic. As an indie developer (or could be applied to other categories like business owners or founders) , how do you manage the business, your career, motivation, goals, health, pipeline, workflow, etc??

They don't have all the answers, but Jeremy and Jess bring their nearly 30 combined years of experience to share how they make it as indie developers

Creators & Guests

Jeremy Smith
Designer & Rails dev • Co-organizing: • Studio: • Side project: • Newsletter:
Jess Brown
Indie rails dev since 08, currently building CSePub & TRACT. Co-host Family of 4, also interested in faith, crossfit, cycling, RV'ing, finance

What is IndieRails?

Jeremy and Jess interview indie developers who have a passion for the Rails framework and bring their hustle and creativity to building a business. They strive to understand the challenges these developers face and how they are overcoming them to create successful businesses.