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Guest Bio - Ryan Cahalane
A transformative leader with a passion for driving growth through collaboration, innovation, and empowering the front line. Proven success in various environments, from Fortune 500 to consultancies to startups.
● Growth-focused leader with a consistent record of sustained, above-market performance
● Creative digital transformation and Industry 4.0 expert, adept at new business models
● Visionary in the viable application of modern and disruptive technologies to industry
● Passionate customer evangelist dedicated to successful, long-term partnering
● Devoted mentor and team champion recognized for developing future leaders

Guest Bio - Rebecca Gillespie
Becca Gillespie joined ESN as a Managing Director in January of 2023. Before that, she worked as the New Products and Services Lead at Duquesne Light Company, the electric utility in Pittsburgh, PA. Before that, she was a Sales Director and Product Engineer at UniEnergy Technologies, a flow battery start-up company in Mukilteo, Washington. She has also worked at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as an energy analyst and Propulsion Engineer at NASA. Becca has a BSE in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University and a Masters’ of Science in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Ryan Cahalane and Rebecca Gillespie join us this week to continue talking about how to run a sustainable facility.

We will talk a lot about energy. Monitoring. Analytics. Solar.
We'll explore some advanced analytic options and expand on the examples we've discussed.

Be sure to watch as we might even get into how we use some of this technology in our personal lives.

A special thank you to Phoenix Contact USA for sponsoring this theme and your continued support of the community.

Manufacturing Hub Episode 104.

Be sure not to miss this great conversation.

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