Ex-Psychic Saved: Exposing Divination, New Age, and the Occult

Jenn engages in a riveting discussion regarding occult influences permeating the music industry. Special guest Pastor Joe Schimmel from Good Fight Ministries shares his powerful testimony of redemption. Formerly entangled in the occult, Pastor Joe's journey to freedom through Christ offers profound insights into the spiritual warfare within the music industry. Discover the reality of occult practices and why it's crucial to steer clear of their influence in this compelling episode.

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What is Ex-Psychic Saved: Exposing Divination, New Age, and the Occult?

Jennifer Nizza knows what it means to discern — and confront — evil. Once trapped on the hampster wheel of the New Age for 25 years, she was radically saved out of the occult and bondage by Jesus Christ. Nizza was a psychic medium and a teacher of the occult, and, as a result, was demonically oppressed. She taught topics such as: the law of attraction, past life regression, automatic writing, tarot, and mediumship. Despite being deeply rooted in the occult, at the age of 36, she cried out to Jesus for the first time and became a Christian. Suddenly, the darkness she was embroiled in was illuminated. She quit her job as a psychic, picked up her cross to follow Jesus — and hasn't looked back. Nizza, author of the books "From Psychic to Saved" and "Out of the New Age and Into the Truth," is now exposing the New Age, occultism, and paranormal deceptions through "The Ex-Psychic Saved Podcast." This podcast is dedicated to warning all about the dangers of the occult. She will talk about many New Age topics, expose where psychics get their information, interact with compelling guests, and much more!