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Real estate investors in Little Rock often face similar challenges, hurdles and obstacles? Like how to come up with down payments, improve cash flow, get loans, find deals/partners/team members/tenants and get the right mindset to overcome fear and take action. Learn how to overcome these hurdles for Little Rock real estate investors in this 6 part series.

Show Notes

Most real estate investors in Little Rock, Arkansas face similar challenges, hurdles and obstacles:

  • Where do I get my next down payment from?
  • How do I overcome negative cash flow or improve the cash flow I have?
  • How do I qualify for the best loans?
  • How do I find what I'm missing (deals, dream team, partners, tenants)?
  • How do I commit to achieving my real estate goals, get the courage to act despite fear, gain the capabilities I need or eliminate fears?

This class is broken up into 6 parts (published as separate episodes).

Topics discussed include:

Part 1 of 6: Introduction

What's preventing you from achieving your real estate goals? For this class, I break it down into 5 major categories

  • Coming up with Down Payments (including closing costs and reserves)
  • Overcoming Negative Cash Flow
  • Qualifying for Loans
  • Finding What's Missing
  • Inner Game

Many of these topics have been their own 2-hour classes by themselves (and I'm sure I'll revisit them in the future)

  • Riddle of the farmer, chicken, bag of grain and fox: sometimes the solution to your challenges are not linear or obvious
  • Often times there is more than one solution/challenge
  • Will these solutions work for me?

Part 2 of 6: Down Payments

  • Strategies to reduce the need for down payments and strategies to produce down payments, closing costs and reserves
  • How to reduce the need for down payments
  • No Down Payment Loans
  • Creative Financing

Plus these sources of down payments:

  • "Investment Cards" (aka Credit Cards)
  • Security Deposit
  • Maintenance Reserves
  • Property equity (sell, refi, pledge)
  • Depreciation (and other delayed taxes/refunds)
  • Retirement Account
  • Family Members (Legacy Nomad™ or Nomad by Proxy™)
  • Sell stuff you don’t need or want
  • Saving
  • Partnering
  • Rents (including House Hacking)
  • Lease-Option Fees

Part 3 of 6: Negative Cash Flow

  • Cash Flow = Income - Expenses
  • Reduce expenses and produce more income
  • Lowest Monthly Payment Guarantee™
  • Maximum Cash Flow Guarantee™
  • Strategies to Reduce Monthly Payments with Your Lender
  • Strategies if You Own Other Property
  • Strategies When Searching for Homes
  • Strategies When Making Offers
  • Strategies When You Own/Manage Properties
  • Strategies to Maximize Income

Part 4 of 6: Qualifying for Loans

  • Overcoming Income Challenges (and Debt-To-Income) to Qualify for Loans
  • Overcoming Credit Challenges to Qualify for Loans
  • Overcoming Loan Spot Limitations for Getting Loans

Part 5 of 6: Finding What You're Missing

  • Finding Deals
  • Building a Dream Team to Support You
  • Finding Partners
  • Finding Tenants

Part 6 of 6: Inner Game

  • Making a Commitment to Being Successful
  • Finding Courage to Follow Through on Your Commitment
  • Building the Skills and Capabilities to Be Successful as a Real Estate Investor
  • Overcoming Fear

This class was recorded to help real estate investors overcoming the hurdles, challenges and obstacles they face.

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