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A summary of this past week, and an announcement about a new special for next week on Skill FM. (Sorry, but you have to listen to this episode if you want to find out what it is!)

Show Notes

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Another great week here at Skill FM.

First, we posted another great Isaac Morehouse interview with Black Boles, Founder of Unschool Adventures, and an author with a new book coming out called Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids to School, which has a Kickstarter until Feb 20th.

Second, we posted our first episode of the HIRED show in collaboration with Skills Fund, a talk by Liz Eggleston, Co-Founder of Course Report. Thanks again to Skills Fund for helping us make this happen!

Third, on Skill, I shared a conversation with Warren Shaeffer, the co-founder of Knowable, a startup taking the best elements of podcasts and audiobooks and combining them into audio courses. This is yet another example of Empowered Education, where a company is providing tools for people to achieve their personal learning goals. 

And last but not least, we're excited to announce that next week, we’ll begin airing special new content...(listen to this episode to find out!) 

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