Parenting for the Everyday

It’s hard to make the transition from summer to the school year. We wanted to know how to prepare and equip our kids to do it well. In this episode, we sat with Kati Foster, a public school nurse, and Katey Cochran, a school counselor, to learn practical tips for us parents to begin at home to ensure our kids are ready to return to school.

Creators & Guests

Becca Coffey Alvarez
Holly Diakandru
Katey Cochran
Kati Foster

What is Parenting for the Everyday?

Parenting for the Everyday is a Christian parenting podcast consisting of two moms down in the trenches of parenthood. These moms are setting out to ask all the burning questions about parenting. From how to keep your toddler in bed to when to talk to your kids about sex and everything in between, you don’t want to miss this parenting advice.

New episodes are released on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Don’t miss out on the best parenting advice!